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Re: [TYPO3-dev] Safe memory limit

in times of Gigabytes of RAM i think it's not very much. Shure it could 
be less, but it is, if cached.
So I'm using Typo3 in shared hosting as well as on own servers. In 
shared hosting I set the memory limit to 70MB by install tool, which 
works fine for me. But as I have been told, 48MB will work too.

And as you said it gets worse: I don't know if this is true. In fact I 
feeled like speeding up the basic installation of 4.2 against 4.1.
And the more data you have to be processed the more memory will be used.

Look at Extension-List for example.
Extension list contains very many Entrys. I had a very restrictive 
script runtime which worked fine, until we reached the limit of 1100 
Extensions or so. Then the number of Entries at xml was to big to be 
processed within this time (since every version of every extension is 
listed). I had to increase, what - imho - is not a "typo3 gets worse" 
because its needed for doing more.

kind regards


Jan Bednarik schrieb:
> Hey guys,
> what's the safe memory limit for Typo3? I've got 24MB now and it's not 
> enogh. Typo3 4.1.x cannot display sr_feuser_register. Typo3 4.2.0 with 
> TV crashes with tt_news.
> Is 32MB enough? I was hoping, that the enourmous consumtion will be in 
> focus for new realases, but as it seems, it gets worse and worse.
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