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Re: [TYPO3-dev] Trying to get my head around AJAX

Hi Simon,

I'd propose two alternatives:

1) use the xajax extension... it's fairly easy to use. You will have to 
set up a response object which can call several functions eg to update 
your HTML code or popup an alert message etc. (the functions will be 
found in the xajax response class).

You will stay entirely inside your own pi1 class, where you have full 
access to the whole TYPO3 frontend stuff as well as the DB API.

Just search for 'xajax' in the extension repos. You will find many 
extensions using it as well as a tutorial.

2) use the eId feature. It is a slim frontend that will be called by the 
eId param. Nice point to start with is the existing podcast:

search for 'eid' on http://typo3.org/podcasts/kasper/

Hope, this is helpful to you.


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