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Re: [TYPO3-dev] RFC: public extension review process

Franz Koch wrote:

> But besides of that I'd vote for a 'official' extension repository - a 
> repository where there is only 1 extension for the most common purposes 
> and not 20 doing almost the same (like galleries, guestbooks, 
> calendars,...) and where all extensions instantly work together.
> I think the ECT would be very well suited for that as it exactly tries 
> to achieve this - but a little more 'official' support would be nice.

You can't always make decisions for others.

Some would remove everything that is not OO. Some would just take Ajax 
stuff. Some things are more complicated than others but offer more 

In the same vein, let me cite Joel Spolsky:

"A lot of software developers are seduced by the old "80/20" rule. It 
seems to make a lot of sense: 80% of the people use 20% of the features. 
So you convince yourself that you only need to implement 20% of the 
features, and you can still sell 80% as many copies.

Unfortunately, it's never the same 20%. Everybody uses a different set 
of features. "

ref: http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/fog0000000020.html

So no, I don't think you can decide for everyone.


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