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Re: [TYPO3-dev] Announcing TYPO3 4.0.1

> 1) Resolving file permissions on shared host servers
> 2) Build your HTML web page template with markers
> 3) Build your default CSS file
> 4) Add a root page for your new website
> 5) Add a root setup template to TYPO3
> 6) Add an extension probably auto alias
> 7) Add content pages with the create many pages function
> 8) View the front end with friendly page urls. /welcome.html (Simulate
> static on alias)
> 9) Create a front end user and password protected pages

Please don´t make yet another new document!  :-(
*What is wrong with updating existing ones?* Without checking 
out carefully, it looks to me like most of those subjects 
already are present somewhere in existing documentation.

> As I see it this streamlines the newbie process and shortcuts the current
> 'getting started' and the 'MTB1' docs while bringing them up to date with
> v4.0 screenshots.

But we risk having the same information in two (or more) places, 
  very confusing and not very helpful for the community and/or 
newbies in the long run...  :-(


It would be *very nice* if you wrote the information, but please 
don´t put it in a separate document. Instead try to get the 
author to update the original documentation.

I you like, I can help you with finding the above subjects in 
existing documentation and with getting those documents updated!

/Peter Kindström
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