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Re: [TYPO3-dev] Announcing TYPO3 4.0.1

> impexp
Any ideas about timescale and presumably new docs are needed?

On a related note I have this draft for a new doc 'Easy 5 minute TYPO3 v4.0
websites' and I am happy to write this.

1) Resolving file permissions on shared host servers
2) Build your HTML web page template with markers
3) Build your default CSS file
4) Add a root page for your new website
5) Add a root setup template to TYPO3
6) Add an extension probably auto alias
7) Add content pages with the create many pages function
8) View the front end with friendly page urls. /welcome.html (Simulate
static on alias)
9) Create a front end user and password protected pages

As I see it this streamlines the newbie process and shortcuts the current
'getting started' and the 'MTB1' docs while bringing them up to date with
v4.0 screenshots.


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