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[Typo3-dev] MTB offers MUCH BETTER frontend content editing capabilities than TempaVoila!

  • From: tapio.markula at dnainternet.net (tapio)
  • Date: Mon, 01 Aug 2005 08:38:52 +0300

> Have a deeper look at the section about rules in the templavoila  
> documentation (not FTB). They give you the possibility to let content  
> automatically be added to a page, if this is created. This is defined 
> in  the data structure.

If you know the page, it would ne nice to put the www-address.
If I try Google I would not presumably find that page.

> After having one content element you might be able to use the editpanel 
> to  create new records, though I believe it doesnt take the xml-thingie 
> of TV  into account... (as you were writing before...)

It would partially help, if creating a new page would create also 
automatic a new page. If that matter could be solved somewhat there are 
still many problems concerning frontend editing in TemplaVoila. These 
are the most serious.

1) Creating a new page cause always an error message and the user must 
push twice the button to create a new page - even if I would impossible 
to get the new page to working immediately instead of this error message 
could be another message. These kinds of error message gives the 
impression  for users that Typo3 is very buggy! Another message could be 
for example 'Please, close the view and open the new page, if you want 
to edit it'.

2) Creating a new content element content element goes to unused 
elements - for many user quite a confusing situatuation!

Changing the position of content element can be done now in the frontend 
editing only using the edit icon on top-left corner of the browser view 
for modifying header info. I would be nicer if there would be cut/paste 
buttons in the admin panel moving content in the frontend editing.

In my mind frontend editing for the standard page module could be easily 

1) Adding to the beginning of each column icon 'New page'

2) Adding icon to top-left corner of the browser view for editing header 
info and creating a new page. Because MTB doesn't have DS it WOULD NOT 
create an error message and the new page could be immediately editable.