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[Typo3-dev] session data persistence weirdness - my fault, or bug?

  • From: karsten at typo3.org (Karsten Dambekalns)
  • Date: Tue Jul 12 01:20:25 2005


Rainer Kuhn wrote:
> Karsten Dambekalns wrote:
>> Is this a bug? I doubt it, because it *must* have been noticed already.
> I was aware of this, but I thought it's expected behaviour:
> "Userdata is data, that follows login users. As soon as a login user is
> logged out, these data are no more accessible and cannot be altered.

Ah, ok. I didn't know/remember that detail. Thanks.

Anyway, the problem persists. I want to have data that is unique to a user
(not a session as such, as one browser session may have more than one
user), but is not persistent after a logout. So I need session data that is
cleared on logoff of the FE user.

Meanwhile I solved this, after talking to Ren?: while getKey() and setKey()
data is stored in fe_session_data and only cleaned after 24 hours, the data
set through getSessionData() and setAndSaveSessionData() is stored in
fe_sessions - and is removed after a call to logoff().

Thanks for your input, sorry for the confusion. :)

Karsten Dambekalns
TYPO3 Association - Active Member