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[Typo3-dev] session data persistence weirdness - feedback please!

  • From: martin.kutschker-n0spam at no5pam-blackbox.net (Martin Kutschker)
  • Date: Tue Jul 12 01:20:24 2005

Peter Russ schrieb:
> Martin Kutschker wrote:
> [...]
>> I'm assuming that cookies are enabled and don't care if they're not. I 
>> just want a) a rough guess of current session and b) a built-in user 
>> tracking (of possibly anonymous sessions).
>> In essence I want a postSessionCreation-hook for the authentication 
>> classes.
>> Masi
> Isn't 
> TYPO3_CONF_VARS['SC_OPTIONS']['tslib/class.tslib_fe.php']['initFEuser'] 
> at tslib_fe::initFEuser() what you're lookin for?

Hm, a first glance said no, but in initFEuser an instance on 
tslib_feUserAuth is created, which in turn may set tslib_feUserAuth. As 
a child of t3lib_userauth it will also have a $newSessionID property.

So yes, it seems I can access to the info I need (has a new session been