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[Typo3-dev] session data persistence weirdness - feedback please!

  • From: martin.kutschker at no5pam.blackbox.net (Martin Kutschker)
  • Date: Tue Jul 12 01:20:24 2005

"Karsten Dambekalns" <[email protected]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 
news:[email protected]
> Now that I think of it, maybe it is only half a bug.
> There may be cases when a FE session with some data associated needs to
> survive login/logout of a FE user. In that case the current behaviour 
> would
> be the correct one.


> Using the dreaded example of the shopping basket, this obviously can be
> filled without a valid FE login.

BTW, is there some kind of hook to track anonymous sessions? I.e. I want to 
store each newly created *anonymous* session in the db, so I can have a true 
how-many-are-online feature. Last time I checked the new session is only 
sent as a cookie to the client.

> But one would most probably want to empty
> the basket when logging out.
> If we "fix" the behaviour the way I expected it, could this break existing
> code? Should another session type be added (ses, user, *userses*)?

Either that, or some kind of flag "clear-on-logout". But offhand I see no 
way to store that flag.