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[Typo3-dev] My problems with the Newsletter... it appears more serious than I thought...

  • From: typo3 at frenette.qc.ca (Martin-Pierre Frenette)
  • Date: Tue Jul 12 01:17:14 2005


I have posted Monday the message cited below
on the typo3.english board.

The problem is simple : My client only has a HTML newsletter,
but all e-mails go out in plain text ( with the type=99 ),
even tought the module_sys_dmail_html is 1.

If I deactivate plain text ( in the hope of forcing HTML ) it simply
skips all records and doesn't send anything.

At first I thought it was only an error on my side, but the more I test,
the more I discover that it seems in the detection of whether to send
in HTML or Plain text.

I have tried to isolate the section of code responsible for
selecting HTML or Plain text to see what the cause could be,
but I couldn't find it yet...

Does anyone know either :
1 - The solution to my problem
2 - where in the code is the module_sys_dmail_html read to determine
if a recipient wants HTML or Plain text.

My problem is NOT that the clients are configure for plain text and I
want to ovveride the value to HTML : they ARE configured in HTML!

My problem is that the dmailer engine seems to think they are configured
in plain text !

My original post in Typo3.english
My client ONLY has a HTML newsletter.

I am using the DMailer to send it, but it doesn't act exactly like I wanted.

Here are the Steps I tried :

I have set the DMailer to only use HTML, and I have disabled the fetch
Plain Text.

But then, when I use a static group to send the e-mail to my address
( my module_sys_dmail_html field is 1 ) I do not get the e-mail.

If I allow Plain text, I get the plain text version of the page
( which is not configured ).

If I allow Plain text, but remove the type=99 parameter, I get a text 
e-mail with HTML code.

What I do not understand, is that my account is configured for HTML, not
for plain text ( module_sys_dmail_html field is 1 )

If I send the newsletter to a list in the Mass Send, I get the HTML 
e-mail, but he links are not valid !

How can I send the newsletter in HTML ONLY, with the correct links ?