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[Typo3-dev] adding justify to text-alignment choice

  • From: lukas at dressyvagabonds.com (lukas pitschl)
  • Date: Tue Jul 12 01:17:14 2005

well, i've always used that with <div>, <div align="justify">...</div>
and worked perfectly, but if you say it's not in the HTML spec i believe



Am Mi, den 03.12.2003 schrieb Jochen Weiland um 17:16:
> lukas pitschl wrote:
> > just wanted to ask why the text-alignment method justify is not included
> > in standard alignment choices and what's the easiest way to patch that?
> The method "justify" is not part of the HTML spec, you can achieve that 
> only with CSS.
> Jochen
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